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Sit'n Gos

Playing sit'n go tournaments is a good method both if you are starting out or if you want to make money playing online poker on a regular basis.

Sit'n gos are great for learning because you know exactly how much you invest and your potential profit, so the risk return is crystal clear.

Sit'n gos are also great for solid players with discipline, as it is relatively easy to grind a consistent profit against the average player.

They can be played heads-up, short-handed, full ring, turbo, double or nothing,..., and you will find a variation for your taste.

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Multitable Tourneys

Multi-table tournaments are all the craze on the Internet and this is why online poker has become so popular. As you can win six-figures prizes

Some online poker players make a consistent profit playing online poker tournaments competing with hundreds of other players; this shows that there exist poker strtegies specifically designed for MTT which have a positive expectation.

We encourage you to start playing online poker in freerolls in one of the recommended online poker rooms. Only when you are comfortable, make a cash deposit and play in real money poker tournaments.

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Ring Game Strategies

Poker ring games differ from tournaments in the sense that your initial investment, and your potential maximum loss is not known.

Like blackjack the other strategy game at casinos, your poker plan must adapt to each setting. Because if you lose a bet where you had put all your chips in the middle, i.e. an all in bet, you can stay at the table if you buy more chips.

Some poker pros believe that ring games require more skills than tournaments, but this debate is moot, what matters is which type of format you like the most, tournaments of ring games. And you can make good money in both.

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Latest News
Party Poker revamps software

Party Poker has once more time shown their leadership in online poker by creating an improved version of their software.

With their revolutionary format for ring games where hands are dealt much faster, reaching speeds of up to 300 hands per hour with no waiting time at all.

Press the quick button if you do not like your hole cards, and you will instantly be transferred to a fresh table with fresh cards.

Party Poker

Party Poker breaks record for largest online poker tournament

Party Poker attempted and successfully ran the world's largest ever $5 online tournament.

The ground breaking tournament boasted a guaranteed payout of $250k and Party Poker added a nice overlay of another $250k to the pot.

Around 50,000 online poker players joined. The winner bero40 earned a cool first prize of $45,000, not bad for a 5 dollar investment.

In the online poker world, Party Poker has always been leader in innovation.

They recently announced a new poker game which is a seven variations mixed game including No-Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha, Limit Stud High-Low, Limit Razz, Limit Imaha High-Low & Limit Stud Hugh.

Party Poker