6 Max Cash Games vs. Full Ring Cash Games

poker babe Maria Ho Both of these cash games are different in nature in that one plays more like tournament poker and the other is much more aggressive in nature.

In full ring cash games the idea is to play like you would in a tournament. The only difference is that the blinds will never increase so your plays are all very similar throughout the course of a session.

When playing six max cash games the main focus is aggression and playing hands in position. The variance when playing six max games will be much higher than that of full ring cash games.

6-max games

Short handed cash games are filled with aggression and the idea is to pick good spots to three bet and four bet before the flop. You can pick up good sized pots by reading the strength and range of hands that your opponent can have.

If you can begin to do this effectively the amount you make per hour will increase and you will be making more money.

If players are making a raise from under the gun, or under the gun plus one, they will generally have hands like pocket pairs or AJ or better. As the button approaches it is harder to read the strength of your opponents' hands. The one thing that you can look at to gauge the strength of your opponents' hand is to look at their bet sizing.

If they are raising to 2.5 big blinds before the flop a good deal of the time they aren't as strong as if they were raising the pot, or 3-4 big blinds before the flop. If players are looking to play a big pot they will generally raise more before the flop.


Full Ring games


There is more play before the flop in short handed cash games than full ring cash games.

In full ring cash games almost everything is very straightforward. Players will generally play tight from early and middle position and open up their range as they are closer to the button.

The range of raises is similar to shorthanded cash games, but it differs in some ways. The raises before the flop in full ring cash games are almost always pot sized raises before the flop.

Looking at both cash games one is geared towards aggressive play and one is geared towards passive play.

In shorthanded cash games you have to be more aggressive because you are seeing fewer hands before the blinds come around. To keep pace with the other players you have to steal some pots and make raises before the flop that you probably wouldn't at full rings games.

In full ring games the play is much more passive and players will often try to trap aggressive players.

If you are an aggressive player your best bet is to play in six max cash games.

If you are a passive or tournament type of player you will want to play full ring cash games because you will see more hands without having to pay the blinds.

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