Everest Poker Review

There are so many online poker rooms, how can you know which one is best for you?

Everest Poker Bonus First note that Everest Poker does not currently take US based players. If you are in America, play either at PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker, as both rooms will take you.

Generally speaking and unless you are a shark looking for quiet waters for nice feeding, the usual recommendation is to only play at the largest online poker rooms.

Everest Poker is one of the largest poker rooms on the Internet, attracting thousands of new players every day, so you can consider them if you are looking for a poker room to join.

The reasons to only play at the largest rooms are: (1) these rooms are much more secure and safe due to the large players base, (2) it is easier to find action at your game or format of choice, (3) they have more attractive promotions and events, and (4) it is easier to transfer money or to cash out.

Everest Poker promotions

One thing unique about Everest Poker is their new player bonus formula.

Most other poker rooms will offer you a fixed percentage, like a 100% of your first deposit. So if you transfer $200 after signing up, you get a $200 bonus. On the other hand, the Everest Poker Bonus does not depend on your first deposit.

As long as you deposit at least $10 (showing that you are serious about playing at Everest Poker), you will get a cool $200 bonus. So for example if you deposit $50, this is like a 400% bonus.

Then sit either at the real money ring games or join some of their tournament with entry fees, and you will start to automatically convert your bonus into real money that you can later cash out from your account.

Another cool promotion at Everest Poker is their Vegas 2010. Everest has put $1 million of their own money to share with all the players who qualify to the WSOP main event through one of their satellite tournaments (live or online).

Everest Poker also has a very profitable VIP Summit Club. This is a program for the most active players. The Club is made of 6 tiers. The more you play online poker, the higher the tier you reach. And of course the highest tiers have amazing perks and gifts.

Everest PokerStars Game & Tournament Selection

You can play all forms of online poker that your heart desires at Everest.

The most popular poker variation is no-limit Texas Hold'em and you will find plenty of that, either in ring games, tournaments or sit and go's.

Another reason why poker players love Everest Poker is their various satellite tourneys, including the ones to the WSOP main event. In 2009, Antoine Saout from France won his seat to the most prestigious poker tournament in the world by participating in one of these satellites. And he finished 4th, winning $3,479.670.

Everest Poker Summary

In summary, Everest Poker is one of the leading online poker rooms in the world and the top European room.

Everest is a very established and well-run poker site. Their software is robust and safe and they have a unique bonus formula for new players, that some may consider to be near free cash.

All you need to do to get the bonus is to register and make a deposit as small as $10. So if you like online games (and if you are not based in the USA and of gambling age in your location), there is no need to wait any longer.

If you are serious about online poker, then join Everest Poker today.

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In the online poker world, Full Tilt has always been leader in innovation.

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