How to Avoid the Biggest Online Poker Mistakes

poker babe Maria Ho If you are beginning to play online poker, it is recommended to first read one book or two and to start playing with so-called "play money", i.e. fake money with no financial consequence for your wallet.

But there is only so much you can learn this way. As play money is not real money, people play differently with it than they would with their real hard-earned cash, so you cannot learn true poker that way. However using a cash advance would give you more to learn with.

At one point you have to play with real money while still learning the ropes. Here is a list of the most costly errors that beginners always make, to the great pleasure of the regulars.

Be patient

New players have no patience. They want as much action as soon as possible, as they do not know yet the rhythm of online poker games such as Holdem.

You are certainly playing online poker for the fun, but it is even more fun if you do not lose money. So spend more time observing than playing. It is usually thought that you should fold 70% or more of your hole cards. In a full ring games, high-stakes nosebleed poker pros routinely fold 85% of their hands pre flop.

So if folding if the secret weapon (and not just pre flop), you must learn to discipline yourself to have the patience to wait for premium hands. Otherwise you will be the prey of the regular players who will be circling around you like sharks smelling blood.

Do Not Take It Personally

It is common to fall victim to paranoia when you play your first online poker games.

Aggression is the stratagem used by strong players to extract maximum value from their hands and to put pressure on their opponents. You may raise preflop with a pair of queens, just to get reraised with a pair of kings. Then if you call and no one improves, you may lose a lot of chips if none of you folds and if the betting continued.

Losing big pots in public is not an enjoyable experience and you may seek revenge. Worse if some players berate you by calling you fish, you may feel obligated to respond to their personal attacks. So from this point on, you will seek any opportunity to battle this player, sometimes making big unnecessary bluffs that may cost you even more.

"Playing personal" is a big leak in online poker. This is such a big leak that other observant players may discover this pattern in you, and will try to benefit from it by triggering your emotions on purpose.

Avoid Slow Playing

Another natural beginner mistake is to slow play your big hands.

Because you will get few of these big hands, and because you remember that when you got monster hands in the past and started to bet, the other players folded and you only won a meager pot, now you have decided to slow play whenever you get one of these coveted hands.

The issue is that by slow playing you give your opponents a chance to catch a card giving them a better hand. So when it is another player who starts to give some action, you may be left with only the second best hand.

A typical example is when you flop a set, but the board contains a straight or flush draw. You should protect your hand and bet right away, and not let the other players draw for free.

Avoid the three mistakes in this article, and your results will improve immediately.

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