Pros Bring Fish In Micro Stakes

On big poker sites like Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and a few others, their poker team members sit down at the tables from micro stakes to high stakes.

When they sit at a poker table, tons of players come to play at this table. The waiting list grows bigger and bigger as time passes.

You want to sit at this table as fast as you can before that list get too large. You don't want to be number 30 on the list.

Vanessa Rousso gorgeous sexy female pro Now once you are sitting at the poker table, you want to play tight aggressive.

This is the best way to maximize profit and minimize losses.

The number of players who will come and go leaving money on the table is unknown and very few will leave with a profit because they want to push the action with the pro.

However, the pro will most likely fold and other players will push the action right along with them.

Hand Selection and Pre-Flop

This type of play is perfect for a tight aggressive player.

With the right hand selection, the loose players will be giving away chips to you. The hands to play are AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 1010, 99, AK, AQ, AJ, and A10 not suited as well as any ace suited.

Fold all other hands. This will give you a nice range to appear loose while playing rather tight. Always raise pre-flop with any of the hands above.

You want to have your opponents keep on guessing what hand you may have. When you are holding AA and you raise pre-flop, they will not know because you raise pre-flop with all the hands listed above.

Post Flop

Now that pre-flop and hand selection is out of the way, let's focus on what to do post flop.

If you are holding A suited with something, post flop you should only go to the turn via calling if they is 2 cards with your suit. If you can check it down to the turn and river, then do so until you see your card or fold when someone bets.

The same goes for straight draws. With top pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and even 1010, push hard with bets, raises, and re-raises. However, if you are holding 1010 and there's a higher card on board, only bet and call but do not raise. This way you save big blinds and still take down a nice size pot if you win.

What To Do When The Pro Player Leaves

Once the pro player leaves the table, take your profits with you and change table. If you are at a loss, then stay at the table, tighten up your hand selection, and break even or make a little profit then leave the table.

The reason you want to leave your table is to find a table where players don't have a read on you. If the pro just change tables, then quickly follow him or her to benefit from the losing players again.

If you are serious about online poker, consider joining a room with plenty of top pros. This way you can learn their secrets by observing them. Why no joining pokerstars for checking it out?

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