PokerStars' Isildur1

pokerstars team Vanessa Rousso Isildur1?

In the multi-million dollars world of high stakes online poker, no other player has generated such buzz as Isildur1.

This was the username of a Swedish player at Full Tilt Poker who had attracted considerable attention in the last months of 2009.

As he took part in all of the ten biggest pots in the history of online poker. But for more than a year, nobody really knew the man behind Isildur1.

Who is Isildur1?

Isildur1 came into the scene at Full Tilt Poker on September 16, 2009.

His first two weeks were quite uneventful. Isildur1's first taste of the limelight came with his match against Haseeb "INTERNETPOKERS" Qureshi. After starting the match at a lower $25/$50 blind, the two eventually stepped the game up a notch by going to $100/$200.

Isildur1 eventually won almost $500,000 from Qureshi. After winning against Quereshi, Isildur1 started to challenge well-known poker professionals such as Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, Brian Townsend, Cole South and Patrik Antonius.

Isildur1 had reportedly lost almost a million dollars while playing with Townsend, South and Antonius at the $200/$400 to $500/$1000 tables. But during the last week of October, he won against Townsend and South earning double of what he lost in the previous matches.

Isildur1 finally reached the summit on November 15, 2009 raking in $5 million in winnings. The victory for Isildur1 would, however, be short-lived: on December 8, 2009 he lost around $4 million in just five hours of play against Brian Hastings in Pot-Limit Omaha $500 / $1000.

Isildur1 decided to lie low for a while and didn't go back in the poker scene until February 2010, where he further continued his streak in the world of online poker. Isildur1, famous for being an aggressive player, practically invented over-betting or betting more than the pot.

Despite single-handedly securing for himself a place in online poker history, Isildur1's true identity remained hidden from the online poker world.

Isildur1 becomes PokerStars pro

Finally, on December of 2010, PokerStars invited him to be a part of Team PokerStars Pro, something most poker players would die for. This, however, came with a price: Isildur1 would have to reveal his identity to the whole world.

Lastly, on January 8, 2011, PokerStars revealed Viktor Blom to be the man behind Isidur1's blazing success in the world of poker. In his early 20's and already a poker legend, Viktor Blom is poised to take on even bigger challenges.

PokerStars runs a special event around Isildur1 that is called the 'Superstars Showdown'. In these heads-up matches, Isildur1 confronts other top pros playing 2,500 hands multi-tabling four tables of no-limit Hold'em and PLO at stakes $50/$100 or higher with a bankroll of $150k.

So far as of July 2011, Viktor Blom has won 10 out of 11 challenges, defeating renown players such as Daniel Negreanu and Tony G. And collecting the nice sum of $651k. Not bad for a twenty something barely out of high school.


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