Shana Hiatt

Shana Hiatt was born on December 17, 1975 in the East Coast. Her father was in the Army so they moved around a lot, though they stayed mostly around Tabernacle, New Jersey - a small town close to Philadelphia.

Shana Hiatt

Growing up, she was often engrossed in television newscasts. She would closely watch the broadcasters and mimic their words and actions. Ever since then, it had always been her dream to be on TV as a news reporter.

High school got her involved in numerous sports like field hockey and lacrosse. She also joined the cheerleading team. She then went off to college to get a major in broadcasting journalism but she dropped out when a major modeling opportunity came her way.

A well-known agent saw her and signed her up. At 18 years old, she went off to Europe to do some modeling gigs. She is very proud of the lingerie shows that she did in Spain and France.

Shana Hiatt

Right after that, she returned home and joined the 1995 Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA which she won, thereby further boosting her celebrity image. It had gotten her featured as the cover in Playboy magazine on that same year.

It was her husband, actor James Van Patten, who supported her in getting in front of the cameras. She started appearing in a few movies and some television shows although none that really satisfied her.

In 2003, Shana applied and auditioned to be the host of a show that her husband's brother was hosting. And despite the connections, she got the job by means of her own qualities.

The World Poker Tour was one of the original and pioneering shows at that time and it was actually Shana who helped in making poker and the poker players themselves quite famous and gain a sort of celebrity status.

As you can see, she does not have a small pair by the way. For the show's first three seasons Shana traveled the world to feature the famous casinos and interview the best players about their strategies.

The show, and Shana, was groundbreaking. She is frequently credited for getting more of the younger generations to become interested in poker - particularly more of the female population.

She eventually switched to hosting for NBC in two of their shows: National Heads Up Poker Championship and Poker After Dark. She put her hosting career on hold when she got pregnant in 2008.

She still hasn't gotten back to show business but still remains connected to poker as she can often be found playing the game online at Pokerstars.

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Rush Poker is a revolutionary format for ring games where hands are dealt much faster, reaching speeds of up to 300 hands per hour with no waiting time at all.

Press the quick button if you do not like your hole cards, and you will instantly be transferred to a fresh table with fresh cards.

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In the online poker world, Full Tilt has always been leader in innovation.

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