Sit and go common errors

Sit'n go tournaments are a perfect example of how online poker has revolutionized the game of poker.

naked strip poker babe In its standard form, a sit and go tourney is a tournament involving 9 or 10 players in a game of no-limit texas holdem. Like in a tournament, players pay the buy-in fee to get chips and the goal is to eliminate other players and not get eliminated. A multitude of variations exist, such as short-handed or even heads-up, turbo, multi-table, pot-limit omaha, etc.

Poker players may prefer to play sit'n go for many reasons: short duration, flexible starting time, tournament atmosphere and feeling, tactical aspect of the game, simple risk/reward equation. For some, it is the perfect grinding opportunity offering a good profit. But when you start at sit and go poker, be careful of these common mistakes.

Sit'n go errors

Playing too tight: In a standard multi-table tournament, it is usually good to play tight during the early stage, while the blinds are low and the pots small. In a sit and go tournament, the blinds are increasing faster, much faster than in a traditional tournament. Players tend to be quickly eliminated, leaving only a few big-stacked players who will be tempted to apply pressure if you have a small stack. In a sit'n go, you must be ready to move quickly into aggressive mode to get a chance to finish in the money.

Playing the bubble poorly: In a sit'n go paying the top three spots, the period when only 5 players remain is the most important to understand & master. You must know the player most likely to get eliminated next. It is not always the player who has fewer chips, because it is possible that the blinds reach someone else before him.

If you have a big stack, it is a good tactic to make frequent attacks to the pot while the other players are afraid of missing the bubble. If you are short-stacked, you usually need to be quite aggressive at selective occasions as you must increase your chips or perish. If in between, a good tactic is often to wait for the small stacks to get all in, and sometimes you should even fold strong hands with this tactic in mind.

Playing above your bankroll: If you win $100 in a $20 sit and go, it is always tempting to try a higher buy-in sit'n go such as a $110 buy-in, attempting to win more. But it is the best way to lose all your profits or more.

Do not move up in stakes unless your bankroll has grown large enough to withstand the higher variance. This is true of all forms of poker and a sound bankroll management approach is crucial for long-term success. When you make consistent profits at a given buy-in level and your bankroll keeps on improving, it is the time to try the next level. Winning a single sit'n go at a particular level does not indicate that you are ready for the next level.

Failing to defend your blinds: In a sit'n go tournament, you must defend your blinds aggressively, more so than in a ring game or multi-table tournament.

The reason is that because the blinds and antes will rise very fast, if you do not take the necessary steps to counter them, the blinds will make a continual dent into your stack that is guaranteed to lead to your early elimination. If you intend to survive to the bubble, you must show the other players that you mean business and that you will defend your blinds if someone makes methodical attempts at stealing them.

Show early on that you are strong enough to offer resistance if they try to steal your blinds. On the other hand, if you feel that one of your opponents plays weak in the blinds, you should try to add to your stack by systematically raising from late position. Do this as soon as possible, even with marginal hands.

Avoid the common sit'n go mistakes discussed in this article and you are guaranteed to get better results almost immediately.

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