Poker And Sports Betting

poker babe Shana Hiatt If you play poker and bet on sports, you know that some common themes exist that unite the two.

If you don't do both, you may want to consider it.

There are a number of skills that are needed for each option that may transfer well to the other. If you utilize all of these skills to good effect in one of these areas, you may want to consider trying to succeed at the other.


Poker and Sports Betting: Strategic Thinking

Both poker and sports betting require careful planning. It may not seem this way to the untrained observer, but those who wish to be successful will have a plan.

Some successful gamblers play video poker online first before they start on the real-money tables.

A good poker player has a strategy that begins long before the final card is dealt. He assesses his opponents and maps out a plan of attack for each hand.

Similarly, a good sports bettor doesn't just put money down on his favorite team or go with his hunch about what team will win, he collects the statistics and analyzes them to come up with a plan for the best sports bets in each contest.


Poker and Sports Betting: Patience and Discipline

In poker, if you play every hand, you are begging to go broke. Playing as many hands as you can as deep as you can play them is a recipe for disaster in poker.

In poker, you need to hang back and wait for your spot, then strike when the moment is perfect.

Similarly, if you bet on every single football or basketball game on a given day, you could be asking for trouble, although many people do this.

Some games and lines simply don't offer a worthwhile edge to play, and good sports bettors understand this and look elsewhere.


Poker and Sports Betting: Adaptability

In both poker and sports betting, there may be situations where your plan just isn't working.

In those cases, you need to adjust, whether it's hedging your sports bet or shifting gears at the poker table.

If you can't adapt, you could be in big trouble. Good poker players and sports bettors are always alert to a change in the weather, and can change their strategies accordingly.

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Full Tilt Poker has once more time shown their leadership in online poker by creating "Rush Poker".

Rush Poker is a revolutionary format for ring games where hands are dealt much faster, reaching speeds of up to 300 hands per hour with no waiting time at all.

Press the quick button if you do not like your hole cards, and you will instantly be transferred to a fresh table with fresh cards.

Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker breaks record for largest online poker tournament

Full Tilt Poker attempted and successfully ran the world's largest ever $5 online tournament.

The ground breaking tournament boasted a guaranteed payout of $250k and Fullt Tilt Poker added a nice overlay of another $250k to the pot.

Around 50,000 online poker players joined. The winner bero40 earned a cool first prize of $45,000, not bad for a 5 dollar investment.

In the online poker world, Full Tilt has always been leader in innovation.

They recently announced a new poker game which is a seven variations mixed game including No-Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha, Limit Stud High-Low, Limit Razz, Limit Imaha High-Low & Limit Stud Hugh.

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