How to Become a Tight-Aggressive Online Poker Player

naked strip poker babe If you have recently started playing online texas holdem poker, an expression that is often heard is tight-aggressive. The general belief is that this is the best strategy at the poker table.

Tightness means to be very selective with the hands that you play. The secret of Texas Hold'em Poker is to learn to fold most hands. This is a skill to master, because the temptation is to play many hands to have some good fun. It seems that it is so boring to fold all the time, what is the point?

Aggression means to be the one initiating the betting. As there are six actions in poker (checking, calling, folding, betting, raising and reraising), calling and checking are the actions of the passive player and should be avoided.

Be patient ant tight

Patience is certainly a fundamental quality for the online poker player, as you need to learn to wait for quality hands.

It has been demonstrated long time ago that a player who is tight, playing for example only the best 15% of hole cards, has an advantage over a loose player who plays 35% of hands or more. You must use statistical poker software to track your percentage of folding, otherwise it is easy to drift away from a good tight strategy.

Tightness means mostly which hands you choose not to fold pre flop. High pairs, big aces preferably suited, plus a moderate use of medium pairs and high cards type of hands are what you want to play. Post flop, tightness means to fold early and to avoid chasing miraculous cards.

If you have the discipline to be tight, you may multi-table if there is not enough action for you. For instance if you play four tables simultaneously, you will have a lot of opportunities to get premium hands on a regular basis.

Be Courageous and aggressive

Aggression is the other half of the equation for profitable online poker.

Aggression is a matter of personality. For some people it is natural, for others it is not and they need to make a great effort to be aggressive and to overcome their fears. Either way, getting optimally aggressive at online poker is one of the most difficult undertakings.

For the players who are naturally aggressive, at least it is a good start. But they tend to bet too often and too much, and consequently they bluff too much. This strategy may work against most opponents, especially weak ones and some of the tight-aggressive types.

But observant players will see this as a leak and attempt to trap these players, gaining a huge pot just when they felt super confident. So for these players the key is to learn how to moderate and control their aggression, and to not get personal and emotionally involved.

For the naturally passive players who like to stay in their comfort zone, becoming aggressive will be a struggle against their instincts. The problem with having sufficient aggression is that you must bet or raise with drawing hands or bluffs. And if called, you must be able to second barrel and even third barrel.

In other words you must be willing to take big risks in order to make big gains.

Master the tight-aggressive style

You need to monitor your statistics on a regular basis, evaluating both tightness and aggression pre and post flop. Without measuring these numbers, you will not know where you stand compared to other players.

In Texas Holdem, position plays a large role and you should increase your aggression when in position such as late position. Stealing blinds falls within this concept, as this is a good spot to demonstrate your aggression to the table. From early position, be very tight otherwise this is just asking for trouble.

A simple so-called ABC tight-aggressive playing style is sufficient to be profitable at online low stakes tables, up to NL100. Beyond that point, it is useful to add other tricks in your arsenal.

Only once you truly master the tight-aggressive style can you attempt a looser-aggressive approach which has the merit to be much more unpredictable.

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